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Why I use Balbex drumsticks?

The first time I tried Balbex drumsticks was when I found a pair of G5B left on a drum set of the music school I used to teach some years ago. After only 5 minutes of playing, I was already convinced that these sticks will do the work for me. Now I use my own signature Balbex 5B sticks and they feel really perfect in my hands. Good quality that withstands the strong playing of my style of music and great balance. Balbex is the best choice for me! Thank you very much for everything!

Many describe Stergios Kourou as one of the most talented metal drummers in Greece. It is essential to mention that he is an educated musician and the composer of many songs released under the name of the progressive metal bands Wardrum and Horizon’s End. Up to now in overall, Stergios recorded 9 albums with several bands whether as a full member or as a session musician in various styles such as Metal, Rock, Pop and Instrumental.

In a parallel course, Stergios also worked with some very popular artists, like guitarist Gus G (Ozzy Ozbourne, Firewind), Michael Boremann (Jaded Heart, Bonfire, Redrum) and performed live in all popular Balkan venues as a headliner, or as an opening act for bands like RONNIE JAMES DIO, PAIN OF SALVATION, CRIMSON GLORY, THERION, U.D.O., PRIMAL FEAR, SABBAT, HEIR APPARENT a.m.m.
Stergios also takes part in the instructional DVD “Complete Drum Recording” from “Sonic Ark Studios”, that teaches basic drum set recording techniques for all styles of music. Stergios covers the Metal drum kit recordings.

Stergios is also a drum teacher.

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