Manufacturing Process

The bellow paragraphs describe the principles of our manufacturing process. Of course, we will not disclose some of the secrets which constitute our company treasury and thanks to which our drumsticks are so popular and good.

1. Material

We use only the best quality material in production of drumsticks Balbex which we divide on two types and that is American hickory that is imported from USA and domestic hornbeam that is lumbered in selected locations in Europe. Both of these materials are delivered to us by experienced suppliers that exactly know what is necessary for high quality and mainly long lifetime of our products thanks to long time cooperation.

2. Drying process

When manufacturing drumsticks, we pay exceptional attention to the strength of the material. The first precondition for obtaining an adequate material out of the wood cut in selected localities is a good drying. Therefore we have developed a special drying process thanks to which all materials we use keep its quality and it does not crack and it is resistant against any other deformation, such a bending. The dried out material, ready for the manufacture, is stored in storage facilities providing or a stable temperature and a very low air humidity.

3. Turning process

The same important step of the manufacturing process is the turning. The sticks are machined on special lathes developed in specially for the manufacture of the drumsticks. Such lathes guarantee a high level of quality and machining accuracy. We have become wanted experts in the manufacture of drumsticks thanks to these machines.

4. Finish

We apply our two-layer finish on the turned out sticks. The finish was developed based on environment friendly materials and process. The purpose of the finish is to strengthen the material or which the sticks are manufactured (the layer one) and to treat the sticks to provide them with an anti-slippery finish (the layer two) when in hand.

5. Weighing, pairing, storage

One of the final operations of our manufacturing procedure is the pairing of the drumsticks. The sticks are sorted into weigh categories ( 2 grams) and packed into pairs according to the resonance and colour of the wood. Finished sticks are again stored in premises with a steady temperature and a very low air humidity in order to avoid their exposure to the humidity and a follow up deformation.

The used top technology guarantees that your sticks have been manufactured in the top world quality and with the highest possible accuracy.