Balbex – European big name.

Since the establishing of company BALBEX in year 1997 we are concerned mainly in quality. Quality and that in all modes of production from choice of wood, elaboration, drying, turning of drumsticks, wide portfolio and last but not least respectable dealing with customers.

Drumsticks Balbex are more and more fancied by drummers in Europe mainly and we distribute them to more than 500 selling places. Thanks to intensive development, innovations and special production process on CNC production line mainly the company joined the world most progressive drumsticks producers. Here is the description why drummers look for products Balbex so much:


Since the establishing of company BALBEX
in year 1997 we are concerned mainly
in quality.

Unique materials

We use only the best quality material for production of our drumsticks that we further divide to two basic types. And that is American hickory that is transported right from USA and hornbeam that is lumbered in Europe. Both these materials are delivered to us by experienced distributors that on base of long time cooperation already know what our products exactly need for its high quality and firstly long lifetime.

American hickory – most used material in world. It is really popular for its ductility, lifetime and excellent bouncing features. We sell the best quality supplies of American hickory under the company trademark of Premium Hickory.

European hornbeam – it has similar features as American hickory. It is different only in smaller weight and lifetime (approximately 10%). We sell the best quality supplies of hornbeam lumbered in Europe under the company trademark of Premium Hornbeam.

All materials are specially dried to maximum humidity of 7%. Our long time developed drying process really helps to wood compaction and so to hard the materials and also to significant expansion of drumsticks lifetime.


Original Balbex surface treatment

We apply our double surface treatment on drumstick with clean surface. The aim of this treatment is to reinforce drumsticks material with the first layer and treat the drumsticks with the second layer that they don´t slip out of hands when playing.


Great stock availability

We have all our products on stock we ship deliveries on day after receiving the order or in 10 days at the latest.

Precise elaboration

Our products distinguished by precise elaboration thanks to our special CNC technology that we developed by ourselves. This technology guarantees precise given parameters, e.g. diameter of drumstick with tolerance of +-0,05mm, and absolutely straight, not bent drumsticks and perfectly smooth surface.


Drumsticks with own print

We can print on your drumsticks your logo, signature, etc. – in different colours.

Drumsticks according to your parameters

We also produce tailor made drumsticks as one of the few companies on world market. And that is according to given parameters or supplied sample. We produce these drumsticks from small series and for beneficial price.

Innovation, development

We continually consult demands of drummers with very experienced professionals. We test even the slightest changes, e.g. in drumsticks balance and then we apply it to our products. We are still open to dialogues and discussions with wide public and specialists.

Friendly approach to customers

The motto of company BALBEX is to answer to customer within 24 hours.