Roman Lomtadze



Why Balbex drumsticks?
I have been using Balbex sticks almost since the beginning, since 1998, when I decided to play the percussion instruments. I guess, it was during that times when the company was arising and started to do the business. Right from the first touch I was attracted by perfect non-slippery surface of the sticks, hard wood and balance. While playing, sticks are more important than the instrument itself for me. It is something like fingers for the pianist. During playing, it is an extension of our hand, thus something very personal.

That’s why the communication with company producing sticks is very important. By Balbex, I have encountered with absolute professionalism, when it comes to products as well as in dealings with me as a customer. For me, Balbex is world-class Czech company that’s why I have been using them up to now. 

Balbex company facilitated me to have my own signature model, which I have been using for almost 12 year. This type was offered as Premium hickory 3A, and without any adjustments this type suits me perfectly.

Scars on Broadway, Send The Sages, Čechomor, Arakain, Kamil Střihavka, Gaia Mesiah, Eleison, Laura a Jeji Tygři, King Size, Ivan Myslikovjan & Blue birds.


Used Drumsticks

3A – Roman Lomtadze