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Costa Kalogiros (Born in August 28, 1978), is a Greek/Australian Drummer, Songwriter, Singer but also a multi – instruntimetalist Musician. He has been noted as to playing guitar, bass, Piano, bongos, congas, maracas, shekere. He is a permanent member of Athens Based “Denial Waits”, “Silentproof” and Berlin’s “Moribund Reverie” and in various Projects in the past and in different kind of music genres such as “Pride”, “Blu Net”, “Black Velvet”, “Avenue” and many more.

In 2008, Costa went solo by recording a number of songs that he wrote and performed himself (including bass, guitar, keyboards and vocals), along with the 2 members of “Denial Waits” . The result is the lo‐fi, 6‐song EP Denial Waits released under the name ‘Open Skies’ by Zanax Studios Athens.

Costa Is endorsing Balbex Drummsticks since 2009

About me

Well, I play the drums and I am a part of the orchestra!
I am using every technique, finger or left hand lead. My drums are set right handed but I am always practicing left handed too, without changing my settings. You always developing a new style after all this is what drumming is all about, developing new ideas and styles! I am emphasizing in phrasing and groove and I usually play more singles than doubles, it helps me have a more powerful play and dynamic strokes.

I have studied Buddy Rich, Dennis Chambers, John Bonham, Josh Freese, Dave Abbruzzese and others. All these drummer’s styles and mimicking them has helped me create my own personal style.
I have very strong faith in me and I am very ambitious!