Radek B. Břicháč



Why exactly Balbex drumsticks?

For many years I tried to play with different mallets, different brands. The 5A or Jazz model suited me best. After some time, when I decided to write to our two leading mallet manufacturers, a glimmer of hope came from Tomáš Havlín and his company Balbex. Our meeting and chat was the start to the creation of my personal model Radek B. Břicháč. The mallets are of medium length, between the length of the 5A model and the Jazz model, they are very well made and have a pleasant surface. It’s great for me. Considering that, in addition to playing, I also teach, my students also praise it. I am happy to have my model.

Where I worked and am working:

I studied at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory in Prague.
I played on a ship in the Caribbean. After returning to the Czech Republic, I played for six years with the band Laura and her tigers, then Šum svistu, ten years with David Krause’s band and I was at the beginning of the ČT show Uvolžene plácije with Jan Kraus. player for hire. I shoot, I give concerts. I work in Jindřich Vácha’s dance orchestra, I have my jazz rock band Jazzm, formerly Jazzmazec. I teach percussion at two schools Zuš Říčany and Zuš Hynko Kubát Kladno.

Hopefully it will be enough, thanks and have a nice summer. Hello drummer Radek B. Břicháč.