Terl Bryant /Gb



Touring with the Pete Roth Band (http://www.peteroth.com) along with Nic Meier, Gábor Dörnyei and Dave Suttle, with a new album scheduled for the Spring 2012, also new Sadie & The Hotheads album coming soon, Sadie is Elizabeth McGovern the American heiress in TV hit series Downton Abbey. Recording continues with Eden’s Bridge (http://www.youtube.com/user/EdensBridge) with the release of of 4 beautifully packaged EP’s this year each one following the seasons also soon to be available through commercial publishers Audio Network (. Plus continued drum and percussion sessions at The Barn Studio, Sussex for various artists (credits include work on tracks for Chuck D, Peter Gabriel, Jim Kerr, Leslie Garrett, Steve Levine and many others). Production on the Red Drum project (sounds like Eno, Talking Heads) featuring contributions by Paul Statham, Julian Ferraretto, Mark Edwards and others continues with an album release due in 2012 in support of the work of Love146 (http://love146.org/) anti child trafficking charity. Finally also glad in 2011 to have signed up with Reunion Blues and Balbex as an International Endorsee.