Why drumsticks Balbex?

Why use european drumsticks Balbex?

We will do our best for our challenging customer.

  • Nearly 15 years of experience in manufacturing drumsticks
  • Unique Premiun materials – drumsticks with a long lifetime
  • The original non-slip surface finishing – Double Grip
  • Guaranteed a constant weight of drumsticks (within the model line)
  • A wide range of drumsticks – much more than basic models 5A, 7A, 5B, 2B
  • Precise processing – the original CNC machine line
  • Drumsticks with your print, according to your proposal
  • Drumsticks with your parameters, according to your dimensions
  • The great stock availability, a wide European sales network of more than 500 stores
  • Continuous innovation and improvement
  • Support of the world’s great drummers
  • Friendly approach to customers