7A – Practice


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Material: Premium Hornbeam
Sizes in MM:: 13.5 | 395
Surface treatment: Double girp
Storage code: PR7A
Quantity: Price of one pair


Model made of Premium hornbeam with rubber tip. It is made for practicing on any hard material.

Practice The Practice drumsticks are designed above all for the play practising. With them you may knock on virtually any material or furniture without damaging it and without causing the typical “drum noise” by the sticks.
Thanks to a special rubber head ending the Practice sticks will always retain the typical drumstick rebound from the drum. They may also be used on practising pads. Moreover, they have also been tested on bongos, kettledrums and on electronic drum sets. Yet, we may not ignore the main purpose of these sticks: your everyday practising. This is the purpose for which the Practice drumsticks are produced.

As a matter of fact, with these sticks you may “warm up” yourself almost everywhere without disturbing your neighbours seriously. Thus, you may also “let off steam” in your office easily after the working day full of demanding stress.

Attention! The PRACTICE drumsticks are not designed for the playing on percussion sets!