George Montes /Gre



Why I use Balbex drumsticks ?
Choosing the right stick is very troublesome for many drummers out there. I’ve tried many sticks but there was always something that did not satisfy me 100%. When I finally got the Balbex 5B Ringo I, I realized for the first time that something was right. It had a great grip, perfect feel and seamless balance.  It was then, that I contacted Balbex and told them that I needed the 5B Ringo I to be little longer and I finally got the perfect stick for my playing! The Psycho Stick! Thank you Balbex!!!

George Montes is the drummer of the famous Greek metal band Psycho Choke. His first experience with a musical instrument was with keyboards but then he realized his love for drums was greater and decided to stick with them. He started playing at the age of 15 and had private lessons with renown local drum teachers. He has many concerts yearly and recorded many albums with several bands in Greece.


Psycho Choke. (Metal, Hardcore, Metalcore)
Playing drums for Psycho Choke for the past 12 years and recorded 4 albums. All of them received great reviews on the Greek and Worldwide music press. Their last album “Unravelling Chaos” was released in July 2010 from 7Hard records and features guest appearances from Gus G (Ozzy, Firewind) and Marios Iliopoulos (NightRage) amongst others.  The band has also a big  history of live performances, and is currently scheduling a tour in Europe along with working on the new album, which will be released hopefully in 2013.

Methods (Djent, Experiment metal)
A new band in the djent metal style featuring members from Greece and UK currently working on a new album.

Luna Obscura. (Gothic, Atmospheric Metal)
A combination of female melodic and man harsh vocals, with great musical background. The album “Feltia ”  was released under Casket Music / Copro Records and has received great reviews worldwide.

Apple of Discord (New Rock / Alternative)
Currently working on a new album.

Blank Inverse (Alternative Hard Rock)
A band with a funky rock style, featuring great musicians. They appear in a regular basis on live stages in Thessaloniki and the rest of Greece performing their songs along with some covers.